Hey there!

Hi my name is Domingo

Dom for short, I coffee & creativity.
I am a skilled creative & producer with experience working in advertising & media production. I can run complex projects by building trust and communication within multidisciplinary teams while keeping clients happy. I strive to be in places where collaboration, innovation, & efficiency collide. Left & right brainer - a Swiss army knife of creative and strategic disciplines. I've worked in organizations that focus on film and content production, fabrication shops that create multistoried experiential installations, media festivals showcasing XR and interactive environments, and ventures that focus on creating products that change their industry for the greater good. Currently developing my copy and conceptual skills at Miami Ad school for copywriting.

My Career so far

I've had a few lives before this one, but I'm beyond excited about this chapter of being a copywriter.

Some things I can juggle while writing copy and working on conceptual ideas are:

Graphic Design
Creative code
Immersive Tech
Video Editing

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