Hey there!

My name isn't Sunday even though it is my favorite day of the week

Hi my name is Domingo and I like coffee.
I also write copy. I usually don't try to make things rhyme but when it does and it works gotta leave it in.
I like to make stories and experiences, to me it's all one in the same, it should all have a certain tension and release, capture your attention and leave you with a feeling, and with a sense to share with one more person.
Whether they are written, spoken, physical or virtual.
I love to collaborate with creative individuals.

Sometimes I come off dry and cold, but in all reality I'm a soft gushy giant that wants to create things that matter.

Welcome to my journey.

My Career so far

I've had a few lives before this one, but I'm beyond excited about this chapter of being a copywriter.

Some things I can juggle while writing copy and working on conceptual ideas are:

Graphic Design
Creative code
Immersive Tech
Video Editing

Want to get in touch?
Drop me a line!

Let grab a coffee, tea, or beer.

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